Beacon Film Center Proposal

Once a Correctional Facility, now a Film Center.


In collaboration with Deegan-Day Design we developed a proposal to convert the Beacon CF campus into a center for film production and exhibition. Beacon CF would become B:FC – Beacon Film Center. The city of Beacon and town of Fishkill would both gain a valuable cultural magnet, a source of local employment and a visitor draw, as well as revenue streams based on facilities use that are among the most sought after in commercial real estate. Proposed in 2018, the B:FC would anchor the Northeast corner of Beacon in much the way Dia:Beacon does the Southwest.


Project Team: 

Proposal Development: Deegan-Day Design llc  & calderon architecture and design studio


Deegan-Day Design: Joe Day, Sonali Patel, Taiyo Watanabe, Cole Masuno


Calderon Architecture & Design: J.C. Calderon, Matthew Tether


Administration: Andrea Lwin